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holzskulpturen von

wooden skuplture by 




Japan *1975



by hideki iinuma

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2019 Forrow H83x19x13cm cypress 















2019 Enma H63x30x14cm Cypress










2018 Coldlight H67x27x16cmWillowtree














2019 Ballet H84x22x13cm Celtis sinensis









2017 Overseas H52x16x12cm Cypress






2019 Guirlande H78x21x12cm celtis sinensis















2018 French aborigine h80x21x14cm  Tuliptree










2018 Firefly H78x23x24cm Liriodendron tulipifera





















2017  Wellness  H82x25x14cm  Cypress










2017 Backstage H69x18x12cm quercus acutissima







2016 Philosophy H40x9x14cm magnolia




2017 Holiday snaps H52x16x14cm cypress











2017 Shades H71x30x16cm quercus acutissima








2011 V-Neck Fui navy H69x21x20cm camphor





2017 Celeste Aida H68x17x14cm zelkova



2017 Wake H42x24x27cm cypress





2017 Knock H41x27x34cm Cypress













2017 Fragrance H67x20x16cm Quercus acutissima




2012 Kat H34x60x27cm cypress






2017 Cosmetics H72x24x15cm Cypress







2014 Time to Romp H47x14x16cm camphor 





2013 Gamme Blue h69x17x19cm camphor




2010 Couture  H71x25x24cm camphor







2012 Mickey H38x37x19cm jap. cypress







2011 Unpredictable Opium H92x79x118cm camphor







2015 Following H73x37x15cm zelkova





2016 Akasagarbha Barbara H104x45x51cm Cypress, whitestone

from the Akasagarbha series







2016 Akasagarbha Catharina H76x115x36cm Cypress, whitestone

from the Akasagarbha series












2018 Katarina H87x33x20cm Liriodendron tulipifera

from the legends of the dolomites series 


2018 Similde H94x47x37cm Liriodendron tulipifera

from the legends of the dolomites series 






2018 Stephanie H82x44x25cm Liriodendron







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